Christine Buchler was born and raised in Switzerland. In her early twenties, she started to paint and learned from four other painters as they shared and old factory, where together they honed their skills.

She emigrated to Canada with her family in 1981. She worked in Healthcare since 1988. In 2000, she earned a bachelor in Nursing Science and continued to study literature. She slowly resumed painting, and is now painting almost daily.

Christine is self taught. She believes in life long learning and is taking courses with local artists. In 1999, she was inspired by a female painter that she met in San Felipe, Mexico, who she describes as a 'reincarnated' Frida. Her themes of women and children agree with Christine's desire to express colour and movement.

Although she always loved the surrealists and expressionists, she already painted abstract in her early 20's. Indeed, she is again mostly attracted to abstract painting. Her media is acrylic, resin and other pouring media. Abstract because it "enables all viewers to paint their own pictures' they see in a painting what they want to see".

In January of 2014 she was accepted to FCA as an active member; she also joined toe Oliver Art Gallery, now Okanagan Art Gallery that is located in Osoyoos.

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