Lyle Smuin presents photographs of the wildlife and scenery of the Okanagan and surrounding areas. Born and raised in a rural setting on the outskirts of Penticton where he lives, Lyle is a conservationist at heart. He learned at an early age to love nature, the environment, and wildlife.

 Lyles’ early career was in the automotive service industry from which he moved on to carpentry. It was as a finishing carpenter that he developed a meticulous approach to his work. He analyzed the situation, evaluated the options open mindedly, and then performed the task with measured, precise application of well-honed skills.  He brings this same approach to his photography, in seeking out subjects, settings, and themes. His images portray nature and the natural history of the Okanagan just beyond our back yards, with simplicity and honesty.

 Wildlife has more recently caught his attention and capturing the essence of an animals’ environment and personality bring his images to life. His shots are chosen to capture nature as it is now; often that means the evidence of mans’ footprint may sneak into an image where only a few years ago, one would have been viewing untouched wilderness. When processing his work, he focuses on preserving accurate representations of the too-rapidly disappearing wilderness and wildlife around us. He does not photograph on game reserves or in private zoos or animal compounds.

Lyle took basic training in photography as a young man but laid aside the camera for other pursuits until 2007 when new digital equipment rekindled his passion for photography. Apart from on line study and tutoring by his good friend and photography mentor Chris Clark, he is largely self-taught in digital photography. He uses Nikon equipment in the field.

It is Lyles hope that in sharing his passion for the wild close by in the Okanagan, others may also come to see the value in preserving the natural world around us all.



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